Project Management Officer


Your function

  • You coordinate projects across different departments and between different stakeholders, such as innovation projects, marketing, sales, IT, operations, facilities, etc and facilitate their execution in accordance with identified timelines
  • You support in internal governance meetings by relating with all involved stakeholders: you support the different departments for preparing presentations, reviewing them, do the necessary follow-up, tracking ensuring the correct timings
  • You work on the integration and standardisation of processes, creating a consistent way of working across the different entities and identify a common approach of working, identifying tools and processes at a full Company level.
  • You support the Company in identifying areas of improvements and identify all actions / projects / initiatives to address them


  • You want to build the groundworks for integration, standardization and consistency, creating structure in chaos – and all of this within set deadlines and in collaboration and alignment with a lot of different stakeholders.
  • You’re are agile, flexible and able to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and understand business logics.
  • You are true problem solver, have strong influencing and networking skills, you are a true diplomate.
  • Excel, Word and Powerpoint don't have any secrets for you.
  • You preferably hold a degree in Management, Engineering, Commerce, ...
  • You have 3-5 years experience as a Consultant in an international company or have experience in Change Management, Innovation Management, Project and/or Process Management.
  • You are English speaking, any other language is a plus.

Onze klant

This FMCG food company produces well-known delicious products, we’re sure you’ve tasted before!

The company is part of an international structure of companies, currently being formed into one international group. This group combines a history of proven successful local track records with a fast-growing and start-up mentality for internationalization.


Never a dull day! In this company you can be part of a story: get to know the ambition and vision of the shareholder, be part of historical decisions and integrate famous companies into a new international structure. You will be part of this journey from A to Z, guiding and leading the stakeholders from the starting point to the end result as one global team.

You will work in a dynamic environment with different genders, ages, nationalities and languages, at all times connected to our products. You’ll never forget what our product and goal is, surrounded by offices filled with biscuits, marketing and POS material.

And of course, your hard work will also be compensated with an interesting salary package and benefits, as well as 35 vacation days!