Strategic People Business Partner (m/f)


Support & Collaboration

  • The SBP partners with COE/internal stakeholders and business’s in ensuring that the best practices are being adopted, ensuring the delivery of projects as required as well as ensuring that key deliverables of the People Cycle are met within the specified timelines.
  • The SBP takes initiative and builds relationships with workers’ unions in order to facilitate a collaborative working practice and to keep in touch with state employment laws and practices.
  • The SBP also assists management and leadership in resolving employee relation issues, conducting effective performance evaluations, and recommending action for sensitive and complex files.
  • The SBP consults with the business’s leadership and management in order to foster and promote the engagement of the business’s core values at all levels.


  • The SBP plays a strategic role in advising, training and monitoring of the business’s leadership and management on our existing People policies and procedures (e.g. People Cycle, training and career development, excellence program, talent programs, people package budget and other KPI’s), updating each as required.
  • The SBP facilitates effective implementation of new People management initiatives in different departments and levels of the business as appropriate (e.g. Recruitment, Click, Taleo, …).
  • The SBP partners with line managers on defining and implementing effective organization model.

Recruitment and Talent management

  • The SBP helps our recruitment partner to understand the business needs and ensure recruitment process follows local standards, measurement and policies that guarantee the attraction, selection, and successful recruitment of potential talents that will further drive the achievement of staffing goals as well as the business’s overall objectives.
  • The SBP helps our recruitment partner to builds and maintain a candidate pipeline through a solid succession planning and (internal) networking.
  • The SBP actively helps the company culture roll-out in line with client culture and values by supporting/delivering exceptional candidate career experience.
  • The SBP reviews gaps in leadership & management capability within the business. Together with this, the SBP should analyze the People processes’ adoption by the business’s employees, conduct performance analyses of the processes, report proposals from findings to the People Director.
  • The SBP collaborates with the business’s and all appropriate internal stakeholders in identifing training needs and advocating for continuous learning for employees where necessary, providing coaching and mentoring support where required.


  • The SBP has an analytical role to evaluate and consistently reflect on improving People procedures and policies.
  • The SBP also analyzes and reports on KPIs and metrics related to People topics (People dashboard) in the business and uses these findings to develop strategies and solutions to issues that affect the business’s strategy.
  • The SBP follow-up on the budgetary compliance on the People Package and recommending necessary adjustments to People Director with a view of enhancing departmental performance.

Knowledge and other duties

  • The SBP maintains a clear and detailed knowledge of the HR trends, best practices, and labor legislation. The SBP strives to monitor and challenge existing labor policies and procedures into the existing People practices, constantly ensuring alignment with the business’s values and the external legislations.
  • The SBP is also very active in social (e.g. People Events calendar – Employee Appreciation Day, Sinterklaasfeest), business (e.g. feet on the street, new marketing campains,...), and recruitment projects (e.g. campus days, Client employees days,...) that reflect the values and beliefs of the business.
  • Ensure effective execution of Excellence Programs & Management activities.


  • Min. 4 years experience as People Business partner/ client service role of HR function (generalist).
  • Good knowledge of Labor law, proof of Project Management experience, experience with development programs, co-ordination of external suppliers and social partners
  • Good negociation and strategic skills.
  • Experience in working in a multi-national environment is a plus.
  • Energetic, fair and honest team player.
  • Ability to switch between stategy and operations,
  • Commercial affinity is a plus.
  • Good business and common sense, with a good touch of humor.
  • Highly structured and systematic/analytical approach to deliver business solutions
  • Excellent team player, able to develop strong relationships
  • Leads by example, and lives the company’s values
  • Fluent in Dutch and/or French, and English